Our Services

We welcome you to India to avail our services. We understand that many a times you are comfortable dealing with only known sources of yours that you might be comfortable negotiating prices and quality yourselves. Therefore, we offer you services wherein you may develop your own suppliers while our team shall be with at every step of development, negotiation, finalization and after we shall ensure that the production takes place exactly as per your requirements after which smooth shipments are carried out directly under our supervision to ensure your quality needs. For such services we welcome you to use our company space whenever needed be it our office for negotiations of deals or our warehouse for consolidation of air or sea shipments or our team to guide you with the local procedures and documentations that might be required.

For such kind of services we offer variable cost structure depending on the turnover that can be promised by you (our clients). The variable cost structure would consists for a fixed mark-up cost/margin in percentage for us on the products being procured by you. An EXAMPLE of such a cost structure is listed below for your reference and understanding- please again now listed below is just an example, you may contact us for more details on how we can work together to establishing a business relationship together.

Example of variable cost structure:

Please note this is just an example to demonstrate, all the actual quotes from us can be taken which will depend on the type of products, the exact scope of services and so on for which you can contact us for details. Based on the annual turnover that can be promised to us we will be providing our services as per requirements with the following mark-up costs/margins for Delmore:

Turnover Less than 1 Million US Dollars: 10% Margin on all prices negotiated by yourselves from the suppliers/manufacturers

Turnover Less than 2 Million US Dollars but more than 1 Million US Dollars: 8% Margin

Turnover Less than 5 Million US Dollars but more than 2 Million US Dollars: 5% Margin

Turnover Less than 10 Million US Dollars but more than 5 Million US Dollars: 3% Margin

Turnover Less than 15 Million US Dollars but more than 10 Million US Dollars: 2% Margin

And so on....!