Why Delmore?

We at Delmore strive very hard to provide complete customer satisfaction in terms of all that we have to offer. We in the following ways as summarized below would like to highlight about how we at Delmore can add value to your business:

- Allow you to focus on your core business

We completely take care of the supply chain back in India letting you focus on what your core business is (be it manufacturing or trading) in your home country.

- Reduction in your management expenditure

Our staff being here is very experienced and talented to take care and handle each multiple portfolio for our clients with utmost care with instant and regular updates and correspondence keeping you in loop for every step of our goods and services meeting your complete expectations.

- Variable cost structure

Contact Us and/or Explore our Services section to understand how we can offer you a variable cost structure after understanding your needs and turnover that can be done through us.

- Reduction in inventory

Our consolidation and shipment planning team can ensure that you order only what is required at your end for a particular period of time required without having a need to have extra material stored. This is particularly useful and most preferred by our clients following the lean manufacturing principles for our customer manufacturer's and trader's for ordering multiple times consolidated containers instead of storing stock-lots of each product.

- No investment costs

As we are here present with the sole goal to serve you therefore it eliminates the need for you to have and dedicate your wealthy resources at this end thereby having no investment costs for you.

- Optimal use of synergy potential

Let us use our team to coordinate with 100's or 1000's of suppliers at this end to provide you with an on-time delivery with quality as promised by us or seen by you. We welcome to you to explore our services and products sections to understand this better.

- Create visibility throughout the supply chain

We keep you informed about the latest developments in all the shipments as well as the new developments that may be to your interest in the globalized competitive world to ensure that you be the first to take advantage of any new developments that we find out being in loop with the suppliers here.

- High standards of security

We ensure that all our products, services and projects offered are in strict supervision under our team providing the highest standard of security as well as guarantee to deliver what is promised.